Last updated: March 20, 2020 3:16 PM ET

Tibiao, Antique – Tourism Operations Officer John Paul V. Fernando called for the suspension of Tibiao Eco-Adventure Park activities as part of the precautionary measures of the municipality against the Corona Virus Disease.

“Tibiao has been a center of tourism in the province of Antique and the inflow of tourists – both local and foreign has always been massive especially during summer,” Mr. Fernando said in an interview last Friday.

Tibiao attracted netizens and celebrities, thus the continued promotion of the Eco-Park took over media outlets, especially social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Since then, the number of tourist arrivals spiked to hundreds of thousands from February to May of every year.

“With the number of tourist arrivals and people coming from different places, Tibiao and its people is at risk. Anyone might be a carrier of the virus. We can’t let anyone in and let a local transmission begin. As much as we want to cater everyone who wants to take a tour in Tibiao and experience thrilling adventures that only TEA Park can provide, it is just and rightfully so, that we suspend the activities for the safety and well-being of everyone,” Mr. Fernando added.

The Local Government Unit of Tibiao advised everyone to stay tuned for further updates by following their official Facebook page.

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