by Jea Farren

The Municipality of Tibiao in the province of Antique, Region VI-Western Visayas, has maintained a clean and zero record of the Corona Virus Disease since its outbreak as a global pandemic earlier this year.

The Department of Health reported on Monday that another 1,521 people were infected with the coronavirus disease and brought the total number of positive cases to 68, 898. The death toll raised to 1, 835 after four more deaths were listed while the number of recoveries climbed to 23,072 after 607 patients recovered from the disease.

“In light of the increasing cases, we are still taking stringent precautionary measures to keep Tibiao safe from the threats of the virus,” Mayor Gil B. Bandoja said in an interview.

Social distancing, disinfecting of public places, washing and sanitizing of hands and the use of face shields and masks were continued and became a part of Tibiao’s new way of life, as the Inter-Agency Task Force Against COVID-19 of the Local Government Unit of Tibiao worked with the Health Department in monitoring human movement in and out of the municipality. Repatriated Overseas Filipino Workers and Locally Stranded Individuals were accepted as Persons Under Monitoring and were required to undergo a 14-day quarantine at the Isolation Facility.

“Tibiao has survived this far. We will continue to survive, maintain a zero case and keep the line flat for the safety and the lives of the Tibiaonanons,” Mayor Bandoja added.